Home Watch

One of the challenges of owning property is making sure it’s OK when you’re not there.

Whether you own a home, rental property, or multiple residences in Pinellas County, it’s natural to be concerned about their condition when you’re traveling or living elsewhere. It’s not just thieves, squatters, or vandals either: once the worry machine gets going, it’s easy to focus on everything from broken pipes to animal invasions.

If you can’t be on-site yourself, the next best thing is to use the services of Wingman Home Watch.

Our home watch service includes a focus on making sure intruders stay out as well as keeping an eye out for any problems to the interior or exterior areas of the property. Any possible prowlers will be convinced that the house is lived in regularly, which could encourage them to move elsewhere.

It also includes making sure it looks like someone is there, everything from picking up newspapers or mail to pulling any stray weeds or eliminating any other visible signs that can indicate an empty home. Visual inspections are also arranged to take place at irregular times or days so it’s difficult for intruders to establish a pattern of when the home is vacant.

Wingman Home Watch works with property owners to create a customized checklist of interior or exterior areas to examine, for example:

  • Watching out for insect or rodent infestations
  • Ensuring plumbing is working properly
  • Checking for moisture to reduce the threat of mold and mildew
  • Verifying the landscaper is properly maintaining your property
  • Run garbage disposal periodically

Maintaining the property in this way creates the impression that someone is living there. No one needs to know you will be gone for a few days or months. Although we shouldn’t be thought of as a security service or a house-sitting service, home watch services are able to provide peace of mind.

About Wingman Home Watch

From Palm Harbor to Clearwater and Pinellas Beaches, trained and reliable Home Watch employees are focused on making sure your home stays safe.

Wingman Home Watch is part of the National Home Watch Association, which means the owners have received accreditation from an organization that has high standards of professionalism and promotes best practices in terms of ethics, insurance coverage, and consumer education.