Concierge Services

When you’ve been away from your home for a while, it can seem daunting to get settled in.

Our Concierge Services are the solution to this problem. We can help you or your guest settle in by stocking the fridge, making sure the thermostat is set at the right temperature and a wide range of other services.

We’ll gladly take care of other basic maintenance needs while you’re out, such as making sure all light bulbs work and all air filters are changed, but feel free to reach out with any other requests to make sure things are ready for you or the next group of guests.

When you let us know you’re planning to arrive, we’ll have everything ready. We’ll walk through to check any maintenance needs as well as making sure the power and water are properly running.

Services Continue

If you let us know when you’re planning on leaving, we’ll do everything in reverse, including either locking down your location or getting it ready for other guests.