No one wants to come home to a dirty house, whether you’ve gone for a few hours or maybe even a few months. That’s why regular or occasional cleaning is one of the services provided by Wingman Home Watch. Clients who utilize the home watch service in Pinellas County can coordinate with our staff to ensure that their homes stay secure, well-maintained and clean.

Often, our clients are traveling or living elsewhere but return home now and then. Others use their property here as vacation rentals but still may visit occasionally. Whatever the situation, they expect to have a clean home, whether it’s for their enjoyment or the enjoyment of their guests.

Plus, a home that appears neglected can be a more noticeable target for squatters or burglars rather than one that looks like someone is currently living there.

Cleaning services

Our cleaning services range from regular touch-ups, such as dusting, mopping, and basic housekeeping to deep cleaning if requested, which can include things like polishing fixtures.

We put particular emphasis on cleaning windows and doors – basically, any glass surface should always shine! The views in our area are so beautiful that we don’t want anything to distract, such as fingerprints, dust or smudges.

Cleaning schedules can be customized to suit the owners’ needs. Cleaning can be done right before the owner is expected to arrive, so they’ll come home to a spotless house. It also can be arranged on a regular schedule, like every two weeks. This will ensure the house is ready for occupancy anytime and does not require extra effort or scrambling at the last minute. In properties where there are renters, cleaning can be scheduled before they arrive and after they depart. This can also be accompanied by a visit to assess the condition of the home to determine if any repairs or replacements of furniture or appliances are needed.